Author Topic: outgoing dial plan with two international office, one Askozia and one trunk  (Read 151 times)


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This is my first post on this forum but I've already found a lot of answere in it. So I wish to thank you to all contributors.

Please find first a short summary of the config : We have one askozia in the main office connected to on belgian SIP provider. Everything is ok.
We now moved the German office to the Brussels Askozia. Our SIP Provider also have German number. It's working, Germa office is reachable normally.

Problem comes with the ougoing call. German extension is behaving like they was in Belgium. Which is quite logical.
They can call but they need to put the internatioal prefix to call German number and they don't need to put Belgian prefix to call in Belgium.

I think that the easiest way to solved the problem is to apply some kind of rule for the german extensions :
If the number begin with only one zero "0" change it by "0049" otherwise let it unmodify.

I guess it should be addes in the manual outgoing dialplan of the german extension but have no idea what the syntax should be.

Any help will be greatly appreaciated.

thank you