Author Topic: Configure Askozia with two patton gateways  (Read 131 times)


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Configure Askozia with two patton gateways
« on: May 15, 2017, 11:39:51 PM »
i have one Askozia 5.3 Server to connect to 2 Patton Gateway:
Paton1: Patton SN4638 (4 BRI ISDN) assigned to a bri0 (look the configuration file)
Paton2: Patton SN4634 (2 BRI ISDN) assigned to a bri1 (look the configuration file)
Initially on the first patton I had created a trunk for each ISDN.
Inbound calls worked but when I tried to get out of a specific ISDN, the Askozia use always and only the first one.
I then created a single trunk on the patton and decided on the patton the sequence of ISDNs to use.
When I connected the second patton I had the issue of the output line sequence again.

Can you tell me how to properly configure outgoing traffic?
Have documentation that explains it ??

I need to assign one priority for Outgoing call to the phone group (es phone 201, 202 and 203 need to use the bri0 for call and if busy the bri1 and phone 301,302 and 305 need to use the bri1 and if busy the bri0)
For every Phone if i call Cellular phone (347,335) I need to user one bri2 (GSM gateway)

I trie to assign one specific number for specific bri (es bri0 assign 0|.  and bri1 assign 5|. and 9|. but don't work)

Do you have configured patton to show me?

Thanks in advance.
Michele P.

PS: have Italian support or Italian autorized partner to contact ??