Author Topic: iptables "Block Internet" apply to eth0 when they should apply to eth1 instead  (Read 169 times)


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I've realized that if the firewall is enabled and a port option is enabled for "Block Internet" that the rule erroneously gets applied to first interface eth0.
It does work as expected when blocking a port on the local subnet for the secondary interface then the rule applies to eth1.
This is visible when showing the iptables rules that are eventually applied thereafter.

The current workaround is to set custom iptables rules via the management UI, but that is clearly a bug in how the iptables rules are set.
This was discovered on a Askozia Telephony Server when configuring a secondary interface when on Askozia 5.2


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Hey there,

If this is a bug, please drop a a mail to Askozia.
Info@ or use

Versions using:
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Tiptel 31xx, Snom 7xx/3xx, Yealink SIP T4x