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CFE versus Call groups
« on: October 04, 2016, 09:43:32 PM »

We are currently using a simple Call group structure and routing - never
been keen of using all that fancy call queues and switchboards.

Currently we are using following setup

10 Extensions

1 Call Group (A) that any extension can join upon pressing a shortkey

All incoming calls are directed to this Call Group

IF no one picks up the incoming call then the
call is deferred to ALL Extensions in the company

IF no one picks up again, the call is defferred to a voice mail
that is available on every phone (central voicemailbox).

Anyone signed into the Call Group (A) and calling outbound is signaling
the main number 0711/908070 - 0

IF an extension (e.g. 210) calls outbound without being signed in Call Group (A)
then the extension is signaled e.g. 0711/908070-210


1. Call Flow Editor OR Call Groups (it is not recommended to use Call
Group Cascading?)

2. Signing into a Queue and Out can be accomplished with the CFE Agent sign in
BUT how do we do this without the Queue Modul in CFE?

3. Differentiate the signaling caller id between status "signed in" and "not signed in"?

4. Central Voice Mail (for everyone?)

I appreciate your input.


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Re: CFE versus Call groups
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2016, 06:12:22 AM »
How you can John a callgroup while Pressling a Short key?

Is this a Special application you call with the BLZ -key?