Author Topic: Cisco Phone everything fine except call forwarding, any chance to fix it?  (Read 1025 times)


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I use Cisco 7911G and CP-6941 phones together with Askozia 4.1.5.
I flashed all phones with cisco SIP firmware, and now I can call from them in both ways.
But the only thing which doesn't work is call forwarding.

I add following code to my extension.conf but after add another extension as a forward number nothing happens.
Code: [Select]
; Enable Cisco URI
exten => _[x]-cisco-serviceuri-.,1,Goto(${EXTEN:19},1)

; Enable Call Forwarding
exten => _cfwdall-.,1,Answer()
same => next,Set(SIPPEER(${CHANNEL(peername)},callforward)=${EXTEN:8})
same => next,Hangup(normal_clearing)

; Disabled Call Forwarding
exten => cfwdall,1,Answer()
same => next,Set(SIPPEER(${CHANNEL(peername)},callforward)=)
same => next,Hangup(normal_clearing)

Does somebody use cisco phones and can use forwarding?


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Please check you the Askozia Applications. You'll find the callforwarding application 000023 there.


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Are you using the BETA Skinny feature?

Or did you upload custom .conf files for those CISCO 79XX phones?  Curious to see how you got them working. Sorry, not trying to thread jack.

But yes --- as Goseph has mentioned.   dialing 000023 is the call forwarding app/function

you could modify it to be different extension/digit as well.