Author Topic: Dialplan with different local area codes  (Read 1635 times)


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Dialplan with different local area codes
« on: August 18, 2015, 03:57:09 PM »
Hi there,

i'm new to Askozia and i'm stuck on a little problem over here.

I use one single Askozia machine as a PBX for 2 branch offices. One has german local are code 0221 the other one has 0228. Provider account A has local area code 0221 and provider account B has local area code 0228.

Both branch office never had to dial a prefix to get a line for dialing outside, so i'm also not making use of an "0|X." or "9|X." outbound dial pattern now. Extensions in branch office Cologne are configured to use provider account A and extensions in branch office Bonn use provider account B, which is done by using the "Default Provider" feature in all extensions.

What i wonder now, is if you configure extensions with the "Default Provider" feature, will there still be made use of any dialling patterns? I'm looking for a solution to configure automated insertion of the local area code when there was no 0 (zero) dialed at the beginning of the dialing process.

If i'm guessing the usage of the outgoing dial patterns correct, for my provider B the pattern has to look like: "0228+Z." But where to insert this?

Any ideas?

Best Regards,