Author Topic: Can someone explain "Advanced Options: ISDN Transfer Capability"?  (Read 858 times)


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Experimenting with this field seems to have solved a problem in an installation that involves an older Siemens PBX and a new Askozia PBX. When a call would be transferred from the Siemens system (primary) to the Askozia system (secondary), the Siemens would crash. After I changed the value for this field from its default setting, "Disable", to "Speech (default, voice calls)", the problem ceased.

However, since there are multiple values for the field, and I simply made my best guess about which option to use, I would like to know more about each. None are described in the relevant section of the Askozia Handbook:

An image of the other options is attached. What do they mean, and what is the typical scenario for each?