Author Topic: Gigaset Ip phones: work around for Caller ID switching after attended transfer  (Read 22220 times)

Markus Ehlers

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Hello everybody,

for having the correct caller ID after doing an attanded transfer with a Gigaset IP phone a little work around is required.

1. Enter your Gigaset telephone account and scroll down to the "Advanced Options"
2. In the drop down menu for "Send Remote-Party-ID" choose "PAI" (attached: pic1)
3. Also in the "Advanced Options" enter the following into the "Manual Attributes"

Code: [Select]
    (attached: pic2)
With AskoziaPBX 2.2.4, it´s necessary to do this work around manually, but we will include this in the provisioning file in the 2.2.5 release.

Have a nice evening! :)



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Hi Marcus,

To have the external number displayed after transfer on our Yealinks, I set the Send Remote-Party-ID on "PAI", just like you mentioned in your example. Now everything works as expected.

My questions is why isn't this a default setting in Askozia ? I asume that everyone wants to see the external number after a call is transferred to his/her telephone.

Or will, when using this options, change the behaviour of other functions that I am not aware of ?

Bart (NL)
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for info

With Snom phones from the 7 series, i can keep Send Remote-Party-ID with default value rpid.

I have an old linksys SPA phone were neither rpid, pai or no worked. This will probably be a setting deep in adanced setting of the linksys phone.



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Is this setting still required?

We've got a Gigaset DE410 IP PRO and a Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System with Gigaset PRO S650H mobiles.

When doing a transfer from the DE410 to any of the mobiles, the CallerID stays at the one from the DE410...even with the settings applied.


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Hi everybody,

We're seeing a strange behavior with our Gigaset DExx and N510/S510H phones, too: When someone using one of the S510 mobiles wants to transfer the call to another mobile using the "R" key, the new attendee gets displayed the transferor's id first and after the transferor hangs up, the display on the new attendee's mobile switches and now displays the original caller id -> Exactly like we want it. Now, when someone transfers a call using a mobile or one of the DExx desk phones to another DExx, those desk phones display the transferor's id and after the transferor hangs up, there is a quick flash on the display, but the caller id stays the same and does NOT switch to the original caller id -> BAD.

We also tried the **EXTEN feature for attended transfers, but this is not an option: The new call attendee gets displayed the caller id of the original caller immediately, although he first speaks with the transferor until the transferor hangs up. This is extremely confusing as nobody could trust the displayed info any more...

"Send Remote-Party-ID" = PAI has been set for all extensions and in the attributes box I tried this (again for all extensions):

Code: [Select]

Nothing works. In the DExx phone configuration, I set up PAI, too, as explained here: Our DECT bases and all the desk phones are on the latest available firmware.

I tend to think this is an issue of the DExx series, but isn't there a workaround?!