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Quick reference version 0.5 building Askozia
« on: July 01, 2011, 01:13:06 PM »
Used tools:
  • VMWare player + development image Askozia
  • WinSCP // to browse and edit the files
  • Putty  // terminal

Usefull commands:
  • grep -R "mij\.patroon" *.x // search pattern "mij.patroon" in files *.x
  • find |grep bestandsnaam     // search file with file name that contains "bestandsnaam"
  • rm -Rf name // remove files and/or directories recursively
  • make menuconfig // configuring the kernel (in /usr/src/linux.version)

Askozia scripts:
  • ./scripts/Config // configure default build (named trunk)
  • ./scripts/Config -cfg configname // configure build named configname
  • ./scripts/Build-Target // build default configuration (named trunk)
  • ./scripts/Build-Target -cfg configname // build configuration named configname
  • ./scripts/Build-Target -cfg configname -job 1-linux26 // only build the job linux26 (found in ./package/base/linux26)
For more information see:

Data structure Askozia Trunk (standard in /root/askozia-trunk):
  • architecture: architecture you can choose from when configuring
  • build: the target directory of the builds with subdirectories xxxx like:
    build.xxxx.TOOLCHAIN: Directory with the build images.
  • config: Where the result of you configuration is stored in subdirectories:
    trunk: Default configuration
    configname: Custom configuration
  • download.Mirror: The place where the source packages are downloaded and cached.
  • leftovers: ??
  • misc: ??
  • package: Description of the packages. Where to download, if and how to patch, dependencies, also scripts patching sourcecode.
    package/overlays/pbx/rootfs: Askozia PHP source
  • scripts: Directory with configuration scripts and (configuration independent) build scripts.
  • source: ??
  • src: ??
  • target: The target platform you can choose from when configuring (target builds).
    target/*/linux.config: The Linux kernel configuration file.
  • testsuite: Testsuite Askozia

Checkout sourcecode:
last code:
svn co askozia-trunk
last stable 2.0.x code:
svn co askozia-2.0.x

./scripts/Config -cfg configname or ./scripts/Config

In the askozia-trunk directory the package are extracted and builded in temporary directories like:
i.e. temp map building kernel:
After building the result is copied (according to the package) to /build/*/* and de temporary directory is deleted.

Changing kernel configuration:
The kernel configuration is defined (one of many places) at ./target/*/linux.config. When building the kernel this configuration file is copied to ./build/mybuildname/usr/src/linux- To edit the configuration file, copy the linux linux.config to the .config location. Edit the kernel configuration with 'make menuconfig' and after configuring, copy it back. Important: make a backup of your original configuration. Finally, compile your new kernel with:
./scripts/Build-Target -job 1-linux26

Changes for compiling with Linux Kernel 2.35.9:
Change packages:
change: => (two times)

change: include/linux/utsrelease.h => include/generated/utsrelease.h

change: include/asm => include/asm-generic
Maybe also for:
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